About us

Ethiopian Global Youth Group (EGYG) was established in 2023 by young Ethiopian intellectuals from 56 countries in the diaspora along with local youth. EGYG is registered under Ethiopia’s Civil Society Organization law (Reg. No. 6204). What makes EGYG unique is its dual focus of leveraging skills, experience and resources accumulated by the Ethiopian diaspora, and equipping local youth. Through collaborative programs and platforms, it aims to solve Ethiopia’s youth unemployment challenge and facilitate opportunities.
EGYG’s primary objective is to enable youth participation across economic sectors by designing projects tailored to local conditions. This allows youth to appropriately contribute to national and regional development.
EGYG also carries out community services like blood donation drives. It supports vulnerable groups including children, mothers, homeless, elderly and returnee migrants facing hardships. Such activities demonstrate a humanitarian spirit of giving back to society. They likely help foster goodwill and strengthen EGYG’s social mission among communities.


( EGYG) vision is for young Ethiopians around the globe to partner in empowering the nation’s youth through sharing knowledge, experience and resources, in order to create social and economic opportunities that make Ethiopia a prosperous country with low unemployment.


(EGYG) mission is creating encouraging conditions for the youth by identifying, organizing, coordinating and leading the resources of Ethiopians and Ethiopian born youths in Ethiopia and outside Ethiopia so that they can contribute in the growth, development and destiny of their country.

OUR Goal

(EGYG)We are committed to make Ethiopia a powerful country with a positive influence on the African continent in terms of economy, politics and international relations by the organizing and coordinating knowledge, experience, skills and talent of Ethiopians and Ethiopian born youths

The organization aims to


Unite Ethiopian youth globally through knowledge exchange programs, networking events and technology platforms.


Provide vocational training, entrepreneurship support and mentorship opportunities to equip young Ethiopians with in-demand skills.


Foster collaboration between youth and experienced professionals/investors on projects that generate new jobs and businesses.


Develop partnerships across sectors that promote sustainable social and economic development in Ethiopia.


Alleviate unemployment and underemployment challenges in Ethiopia by developing youth capabilities and facilitating job opportunities.


Engage in charitable initiatives to support vulnerable communities through activities like blood donation, aid for children/mothers/homeless, elderly and returnee migrants.